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It's Better Tinned Than Fresh was created on 16th January, 1998. This is the 43rd update - updated on 13th August, 2015...I didn't even know the site had gone offline!

Site dedicated to a certain L-ady...you know who you are. x


WELCOME to IT'S BETTER TINNED THAN FRESH! Do we have a treat for you?! That's right - all you've ever wanted to know about NOEL EDMONDS off of off Deal Or No Deal fame, Noel's Telly Addicts fame, Noel's House Party fame, Swap Shop fame and some other fucking shit that no-one wanted to watch then or now. Click the link below for Noel Edmonds action time!

Hello, I'm Noel Edmonds.

I am fit and strong and that is all.

*Only upon special request and this doesn't include all the old stuff that might contain the word!

Howdy! You've finally arrived! Welcome to It's Better Tinned Than Fresh. This site is probably one of the worst sites that you'll ever have the sheer misfortune to visit. To find out what's on the rest this site, the menu is at the bottom. But now, a request...

It's Better Tinned Than Fresh has been having some trouble recently, and not only with their credit cards. Pictured above is the source of the trouble. This giant robot keeps coming into the the gardens of It's Better Tinned Than Fresh and trampling down our marigolds and foxgloves! THIS SORT OF THING NEEDS TO BE STOPPED NOW! We can't do it on our own - we need your help...it's the only way he can be stopped. Just look how big it is! Look! Look! LOOK!

This is the only known picture of this robot and our brave photographer was nearly killed taking it. Just as soon as he took the photo the giant robot (now known to be called 'The Calaman') stepped onto him! Fortunately for our photographer he wasn't crushed because he ran into the gap in between it's toes.

Blokes on scooters - "Wicked".




Murdock - "Cool".


THE MENU (I'll give you five minutes!);

BRAND NEW!!! Nursery Rhyme Time - with Reuben Robinson.

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Barn Of Fish

 Female Frankie's guestbook entry!




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