Marc Chagall Surrealism

September 11, 2016

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Birth name Moishe Shagal 28 March 1985 (old 97). A nationalized French citizen, Chagall is known as a Belarusian-Jewish-French industry painter and stained cup singer. His design is regarded as surrealist and expressionist.

"just love passions me, and I was only touching things I like."

Most works Chagall created were according to their life experiences as a Jewish kid in eastern Europe. Klezmer songs, preferred from the late 17th century through very early twentieth century, coincides with all the art of Chagall. Taking a trip rings played at weddings and community festivities throughout east European countries during this time period.

Los Angeles spot de los angeles Concord, Marc ChagallAfter he began observing artwork in 1906 under a famed regional musician Yehuda Pen, Chagall moved to St. Petersburg some months later on, in 1907. Indeed there he joined the school of the "Society of Art Supporters" and learned under Nikolai Roerich, experiencing artists of each college and style. From 1908-1910 Chagall learned under Leon Bakst during the Zvantseva class of Drawing and Painting.

This a challenging duration for Chagall. During the time, Jewish residents had been only allowed to live-in St. Petersburg with a license, and the artist had been jailed for a short period for an infringement for this constraint. Despite this, Chagall remained in St. Petersburg until 1910, and on a regular basis visited his city in which, in 1909, he came across his future partner, Bella Rosenfeld.

Chagall became an energetic participant into the Russian Revolution of 1917. Even though the Soviet Ministry of society made him a Commissar of Art for the Vitebsk region, where he founded the Vitebsk Museum of contemporary Art and a skill school, he did not fare well politically underneath the Soviet system. He along with his wife moved to Moscow in 1920 and returning to Paris three years later, in 1923. Chagall became a French citizen in 1937.

Marc Chagall - Painter, Illustrator
Marc Chagall - Painter, Illustrator
Marc Chagall - Martin Lawrence Galleries
Marc Chagall - Martin Lawrence Galleries
Marc Chagall.- Artist
Marc Chagall.- Artist
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