Mayline Futur-Matic

June 3, 2016
Mayline Futur-matic (Drafting
Officially through with MER, and just what better method to celebrate than using the preceding Med Folly, featuring the M1 course (with some of me thrown in - can you find me?). Angry props into mastermind from it all (you know who you really are, but I'm not sure if you'd like me posting your genuine title to my individual web log, soo...). Bravo! Anyway, the exam today went swimmingly - at the very least, and can be expected for an exam in which all the product features seemingly absolutely nothing in common apart from that it requires items that sometimes happens in the human body...

Aside from that, today In addition:

- Fixed Wife's laptop by installing a new battery for HALF the purchase price the Apple store would have charged ($60 vs. $120)
- Fixed my iPhone 4s speakers by setting up a unique set that i purchased on the web for $4.40 including delivery.
- Went to the Omelette Shoppe for a few celebratory feasting.
- Took Hobbes towards playground and tossed the baseball around quite.
- Had some very nice conversation with Wife by what's really important in life.

Now I am about to get a haircut and perhaps clean my desk. Ok last one, We haven't written about my brand new table! It is pretty awesome. It is this:

Mayline Futur-Matic Electric Adjustable Drafting Table

(mouse click to embiggen)

No longer aching as well as unworked feet in my situation. I can now choose from sitting while We learn or taking a stand. I invest about 10 hours daily inside my computer/desk, and until now it had been 100% sitting. Today it's about 80per cent standing, which is amazing. Goodbye, increased risk for DVT!

UPGRADE: for people who asked, i acquired the aforementioned dining table utilized on Craigslist for $350. Frankly, NO, I DIDN'T spend the $2, 995 retail cost out-of my bountiful loans. That could be ridiculous. Also, it offers an electrical motor (running the switch is awesome enjoyable!) that lifts it the top up to 48" high within highest setting and down to 30" in the most affordable. The surface tilts to-be horizontal, vertical, or anywhere in between. The surface measures i believe 40" x 32". One thing informs me i will compose a complete analysis up at time about that table, as I had the toughest time finding information regarding it when I had been examining it...
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