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October 29, 2014
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Hôtel MontanaNov. 3rd, 2015

Photos Credit: Hôtel Montana

When an extra resort is in comparison to French legend Serge Gainsbourg, you expect one thing a little sexy and risqué, and that's exactly what designer Vincent Darré promises for brand new Hôtel Montana. Present Paris, the resort gets control of the seven floors over the well-known jazz club Los Angeles Montana, that has been a staple for Parisian designers and heavyweights considering that the 1950s.Hôtel Montana preserving the very first flooring for a restaurant, every one of the wall space had been knocked down regarding above levels to produce six full-floor rooms, each featuring a totally various motif and vibe.

The Blanc Graffiti collection utilizes Jean Cocteau as determination, with whimsical illustrations adorning the wall space and Pierre Frey-upholstered furniture picturing woodland creatures. Braque and Picasso tend to be represented in Bleu Acide, where black colored walls contrast with vibrant blue, hand-painted panels by Atelier Poulaillon and surrealist furnitures.Hôtel Montana The Gris Paris suite takes from artist Christian Berard and it is certainly much more muted in contrast, with a soft shade palate and minimalist fixtures adorned with illustrations because of the French musician Pierre Le Tan. Found on the top flooring is the Mirror D’Argent suite, which includes its exclusive terrace and was empowered by Pierre Cardin.

Hôtel Montana

Because different as each suite is, each of them share equivalent uniform restroom design. Entirely covered in streamlined black tiles, the bathrooms don’t have any windows and in accordance with, Darré designed for them to be “a little freaky, ’ like Gainsbourg himself.

The boutique resort has an elevator that just take you from the room down seriously to the Los Angeles Gauche Caviar restaurant from the first-floor, the street-level bar or perhaps the club below. With a Russian-inspired selection, Los Angeles Gauche Caviar features library-inspired wallpaper and décor that imitates the suites above. In Accordance With The official web site, that is where you need to visit "feed on heart of Salmon or Petrossian Caviar the Russian method, from the back of people hand, in a hushed atmosphere causing the library of a Germanopratin intellectual.”

Hôtel Montana Hôtel Montana
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