Japanese Pop Surrealism

September 19, 2016
High Art Sushi Chart no 3

If you dare to enter the world of Japanese singer Yosuke Ueno, incomparable a strange and surreal adventure. Ueno will take you on a magical ride, launching you to definitely everyone else from a giant infant swan to what seems like Rainbow Bright's black sheep cousin. Weird, creepy in a beautiful type of way, Ueno's art stands out for its interesting juxtapositions and concealed symbolism. Skulls, swans, scissors as well as AOL figures can be found in their paintings, causing you to wonder what sort of concealed message each of them carry.

"I always begin new work without any detail by detail designs. My hope is for a piece to complete itself beyond my imagination. I often say that designers are parallel to experts. Experts haven't any way of understanding the outcome of an experiment ahead of time. Similar can be said about producing art." - Yosuke Ueno

Yosuke Ueno came to be in Japan in 1977. He's already been creating his world since a child and had his first solo show in Yamaguchi, Japan in 1994 on young age of 16. Ueno's work has revealed with some quite well-known galleries including significant exhibitions inside the home nation of Japan at Shimoni-Seki Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.

Source: www.mymodernmet.com
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