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May 10, 2016
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horrors-of-malformed-menThis week has returned with another directory of insane scary flicks from Japan. A few of these have extremely intense, therefore approach with a stable, available, and functional psyche.


A man wakes up in an emotional institution unacquainted with why he’s there in accordance with no memory of which he's, just strange visions and random thoughts he can’t put. When a person from a wealthy family (just who takes place to look just like him) dies, he assumes their identification. Posing once the dead man, he learns about their “father”, a strange and deformed guy living on an island only off coast, which his parent is now is turning into a bizarre enjoyment park.

Prohibited in its indigenous nation of Japan, HORRORS OF MALFORMED MEN is APOCOLYPSE NOW satisfies THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU, but rather of Brando you’ve got a tall, skinny, web-fingered lunatic with liquid dance moves. MALFORMED guys is a Toei production and is usually regarded as a precursor to Pinky Violence films. Even though it has a weak ending, it is beautifully shot and exhibits the all the pain of a madman unleashing their wonderful wizard on the screen.

horrors-of-malformed-men (1)INFECTION (2004)

When a severely sick guy dripping green fluid finds an isolated medical center, the over night staff begins experiencing distressing visions and supernatural activities. This one gets gooey!

GOZU (2003)

Director Takashi Miike attained recognition around viewers for his demented movie, AUDITION. But he has got plenty of unique and unsettling flicks on their application including THE JOY OF THIS KATAKURIS and the nauseating yet interesting VISITOR Q. But not one of their movies have actually destroyed with my mind on amount that GOZU performed. Though it presents itself as a yakuza movie about a man trying to find his brother in a gangster underworld, the movie follows the design of a Greek episodic pursuit that includes incoherent moments, distinct imagery, and beasts.

goo-disease-infection-2004- (1)MYSTERY of RAMPO (1994)

a mystery publisher finds a development article that details just how one of his stories is becoming true- a prohibited book he wrote about a female locking the woman husband in an upper body until he suffocated. The journalist becomes enthusiastic about the lady behind the so-called real criminal activity and begins stalking her. This leads him and a fellow blogger to a strange Gothic palace full of unique entertainment, sexual desires, and committing suicide. RAMPO blurs the outlines between fiction and “the real” fundamentally swirling every thing into a frenetic climax of Edgar Allen Poe, porn, and real time “art”.


Coated with brilliant colors and pure chaos, this anthology movie on the basis of the works of author Rampo Edogawa (exact same man the movie above is dependant on) features four regarding the strangest and a lot of fascinating film sections previously. A number of them tend to be secret, and some appear to be love tales, but each one is beyond wild, horrifically f’ed up, and breathtaking!


Imagine if Godard had made a highly artistic exploitation rape movie. High comparison monochrome photography beautifully paints the display screen. Shots take place constantly on inconsequential activity like traffic or laundry fluttering into the snap.Gozu-Gozu Yet, amazingly important details (just like the apparent suicide bandages around a character’s wrists) tend to be glossed over. A hand presented camera groups a maze of unceasing stairs. Even a few of the most intense moments like group rapes and suicides are shot within the utmost poetic, calm fashion. And complete this avant-garde artwork, a fantastic rating enchants most of the action with a variety of bluesy jazz, south gospel, and startling strings. But, this movie is all about unlimited gang rapes- intense ones. A lot of people i understand would be disturbed as hell, if you don't scarred for life by GO, GO 2ND TIME VIRGIN. It radiates off the screen with beauty, but it is however an incredibly intense exploitation flick that is literally about a girl who keeps getting continuously raped. But, if you can stomach the information, the movie is completely captivating and a mind twisting mixture of enchantment vs. repulsion.

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"Gozu" [Japanese surreal horror yakuza film review]
"Gozu" [Japanese surreal horror yakuza film review]
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"Remember Not" short film [drama/horror/surreal]
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