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November 24, 2015
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In this tutorial we are going to combine a number of images of water, pets, and people to create a surreal out-of-bounds picture manipulation in Photoshop. Let us begin!

Tutorial Assets

The next possessions were utilized through the creation of this guide.


The first Step is to open up the picture with all the man mind. Choose the pen device and cut right out the remaining component as I did within the image below. This is likely to be suitable component also, because we are going to flip it in the next actions.

After that I have removed the top through the initial history, because of this go to Select-Color range.
The extraction will be very easy due to the contrasts of this picture. Make use of the attention picker to choose the pinnacle and extract it. This is an excellent solution to extract locks since the pen tool just isn't therefore exact.

Step 2

Since we possess the mind lets create the missing part. We intend to work with the left part only and then flip it generate the proper an element of the head. Create an innovative new level beneath the head’s layer. With the pen device make a shape when I performed in photo. Utilize the color code shown below.

With the pen device, develop a unique form smaller then your last one and fill it with blue.

Step 3

We will keep the head pending for some levels and open the sky picture.

Because the sky photo is a little too little I’ve replicated the layer and loaded the missing parts. Utilize the clone stamp device with this. Open up the sea image and, from the layer’s mask, erase the most truly effective part to mix it utilizing the sky.

Step 4

Now that we possess the history let’s get back to the head. Within action we are going to increase shadows and lights into the mind utilizing the burn and dodge tools. Utilize the photo below as a reference. In addition atart exercising . locks, using the clone stamp device, while you see below.

Use some curves on a clipping mask connected to the head’s level.

Let’s desaturate the image. Choose Hue/Saturation and employ the options shown below.

Duplicate the level with the head. Visit Filters > various other > high-pass. Set it to 2 - 3px and place the layer’s blending mode to overlay.

Action 5

Given that just the right part is completed produce a fresh folder and place all the head’s levels in. Name it “left”. Replicate the folder and name it “right”. Flip it horizontally. We have now one other part of the head.

Action 6

Create a brand new level. Utilizing the pen device develop a shape as you see below. Fill it with black. Check-out Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur (5.5 pix). Set the layer’s opacity to 10-12%. This really is likely to be the shadow cast by the pinnacle on the liquid.

Duplicate the layer (Command/Ctrl+J) and flip it horizontally. Put it to use regarding the right part of the head in addition.

Step 7

Find the clone stamp tool and put some locks. You have to protect the entire area of the head with tresses.

Action 8

Utilize some curves to darken the facial skin so it will merge with the night environment.

Step 9

Start the hinge picture and reduce it. Put it like in the picture below. We require 2 hinges, so replicate the layer.

Select the brush tool and atart exercising . lights with white plus some shadows with a dark grey.

Action 10

Within action we're going to attempt to make most of the items to merge. Normally, this is done in the past measures but here it can help us to look at big photo since we many elements. So all layers to any extent further will probably be under this 3 layers. Carry on top of all levels and make use of the Gradient chart because of the color codes shown below.

Step 11

Adjustment Layers > Levels.

Step 12

Adjustment Layers > picture Filter > Sepia (25%).

Step 13

Drag in the waterfall image. Change it therefore it will match suitable the main mind.
Position the waterfall as a clipping mask into the mind.

Action 14

After that, place the water texture as a clipping mask towards the head’s level. Set its blending mode to soft light.

Action 15

Create an innovative new clipping mask when it comes to Curves layer. Utilize this to produce some shadows on waterfall, for a sensation of level.

Action 16

Today let’s go quite on the remaining part of the mind and include equivalent water texture as a clipping mask in the head’s layer. Set its blending mode to soft light.

Start the glitter surface and place it over the left area of the mind as a clipping mask. Set the blending mode to soft light.

Step 17

Inside Step we'll make the liquid splashes, therefore available the splash image. Change it therefore it will fit completely in picture manipulation. This is basically the photo we uses for the splashes, we will flip it, change it so that it won’t seem like a pattern. Set the blending mode to less heavy color.

Replicate the splash layer and decrease it’s dimensions. Set the blending mode to less heavy color also. Do this as numerous times as you fancy. To perform this part atart exercising . mode splash with some costume made brushes.

Action 18

Cut fully out the dolphin utilizing the pen device and place it in addition to the remaining area of the head.

Generate a mask to this level and, with a brush (opacity 20-30percent), remove some parts therefore it can look like his mind is under water.

Action 19

Drag in, once more, the water splash image and put it above the dolphin. Set its blending mode to less heavy shade and erase, in the mask, all the sides. You ought to have the exact same outcome as shown within the image below.

Step 20

With the aid of some splash brushes add more water. Make use of the picture below as a reference.

Step 21

Start the second dolphin picture and reduce it out with a pen tool. Pull the next dolphin in. Transform it and put it when you look at the back.

Find the clone stamp device and create an innovative new layer. Start adding some small waves and splashes were the major dolphin is coming in contact with the water.

Inside Step we are going to increase shadow when it comes to 2 dolphins. Duplicate the 2 dolphins levels and fill these with black colored. Head to Filters > Blur > Gaussian blur ( 3 - 4 pix) . Transform each level individually therefore it will appear that dolphins are casting a shadow.
Set the layers opacity to about 10-15%.

Action 22

Next we intend to complete this surreal picture manipulation by the addition of the wild birds. First cut fully out the major bird and place it right in front regarding the head. Utilize some Gaussian Blur in the bird ( 0.3 - 0.5 pix).

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