Surreal Landscape art

August 8, 2015
Surreal Landscape

 - on line Art materialsAlthough seldom thought of as a landscape singer, the natural beauty around the globe about united states, as made manifest in rocks and rocks, flowers and trees, is definitely a fundamental element of most of Mati's work. Were it not for his tendency to integrate 'other' elements into their surroundings, interfering with your preconceptions and destroying the calm like a ghetto blaster in a cornfield, however possibly be much better known as the flexible and creative landscape singer which he ended up being.

As you go along we get sets from strange juxtaposition, as in 'Saint John', below left, to a refined mixing associated with genuine with all the imaginary as in 'Soundscape', below correct.

But perhaps the many literal have an unique aspect to them (or is it super-real?), caused, at the very least partly, by an exceedingly vivid colour palette, along with the portrayal of an amount of information that you would not expect to see at the distance suggested because of the viewpoint and scale.

Mati liked to play using boundaries of what is and everything we perceive, talking about his landscapes variously as inscapes, mindscapes or (self-deprecatingly) as real-estate paintings.

While some for the surroundings are pure dream, numerous, like Mallorcan scene above, are an even more or less precise rendition of a real location, subtly changed in a manner that transcends the boring.

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