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October 30, 2015
Surreal Landscapes On Earth15

rexfeatures_LakeHillier.jpgalthough some may think the most perfect vacation location is made up just of sunshine, water and sand, for those of you with an even more daring streak, here is an accumulation of the absolute most surreal and mysterious surroundings on earth. They are locations where have actually intrigued visitors, baffled experts and grabbed the imagination of local people for centuries.

Lake Hillier, Australia

This violently pink saline lake can be located on Middle Island inside Recherché Archipelago, from the coast of Western Australian Continent. While only 600 metres very long, the startlingly-coloured lake resembles an item of Pop Art in the otherwise uniformly green island. The explanation for its red hue consistently baffle experts. Some specialists believe it is caused by the low nutrient concentrations and different types of micro-organisms and algae, while some recommend the red colouration arises from a sea sodium and nahcolite deposit reaction.

rexfeatures_Dallol.jpgDallol, Ethiopia

Resembling the surroundings of a video clip online game or sci-fi film, Dallol’s volcanic landscape inside Danakil anxiety is a geological occurrence. Its luminous, otherworldly appearance is caused by acidic hot springs, sulphur, gas geysers and spectacular sodium formations. However, an email of care to those preparing a visit to this extraordinary crater: the weather in Dallol registers the greatest conditions of every inhabited location on the planet, with typical summer highs of 46C. The colourful lakes are, oftentimes, harmful and sulphurous vapours succeed difficult to breathe.

Lake Natron, Tanzania

rexfeatures_Zhangye.jpgThis salt and soft drink lake inside Arusha Region of northern Tanzania evaporates totally in the summertime, leaving an astonishingly blood-red lake floor, thriving with salt-loving organisms and algae. Over the dramatic views, the dry lake is an important breeding location for more than a million flamingos. But whenever full, the highly caustic lake is life-threatening to your animals maybe not adapted to it. Probably the most inhospitable environments on the planet, Lake Natron is the best viewed from atmosphere.

Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

This landscape of surreal, psychedelic colours and forms needs to be viewed to be believed. Referred to as “eye candy” of Zhangye, the 400 square kilometre geological park can be found in the Gansu Province in main north China. Danxia landform, a kind of geomorphology unique to Asia, is formed of colored sandstones and conglomerates mainly from the Cretaceous age 66 million years ago.rexfeatures_847085a.jpg Geologists believe that it is a result of activity when you look at the Earth’s crust, making rock levels appear in different tints, sizes and patterns.

Atchafalaya Swamp, United States

This captivatingly eerie swamp in Louisiana exercises across 5, 700 square kilometres, rendering it the biggest in the United States. The vast expanse of wetlands, bayous and marshes houses beavers, bears, alligators and lots of endangered bird types. Humans have inhabited the swamp for years and years, from local People in america, to fleeing French colonists to present-day Cajuns. Boats can snake through aisles of haunting, moss-draped cypress trees that tower above the water.

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Time Lapse Surreal Landscape Painting By Tim Gagnon
Time Lapse Surreal Landscape Painting By Tim Gagnon
Surreal Landscape Escape walkthrough..
Surreal Landscape Escape walkthrough..
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