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December 31, 2016
The Surreal City by

In Enrich's world, buildings zip open down the center, stand out their tongues, fold like accordions... however each magical image features a concrete and specific definition. "Barnawood, " for example, pays tribute toward increasing low priced tourism in Barcelona and the Russian mafia discounts that pervade the city. Consequently, Enrich revamped the HOLLYWOOD sign to express BARCELONA in Russian.

The Barcelona-born singer views himself an endless traveler, and his pieces thrive from the as yet not known likelihood of research. From iconic buildings in Tel Aviv into gaudy heart of Munich, the professional photographer upends our expectations of someplace. They remind united states of a lighter version of David Tautrimas' apocalyptic wastelands.

Check out Enrich's metropolises of head below (along with his explanations), and tell us everything consider these architectural feats when you look at the feedback area.

"Vef Remonts" 2007 120 x 120 cm ( 47" x 47" ) This picture shows the massive VEF "Valsts Elektrotehniskā Fabrika" (State Electrotechnical Factory) in Riga, Latvia, in which I lived for 36 months. This is among the structures of the professional location where my squad ended up being found. For an extended period we did not have showers in the squad - it became somewhat nightmare, so I must join a gym located a 30-minutes stroll from our location. The picture is shot in this walking means. I usually imagined a 200-meter-long children's pool (with showers) towards the top of the building under some sort of Cryptonite cup roof.

The City | Surreal world
The City | Surreal world
Surreal Underground View of New York City
Surreal Underground View of New York City
Surreal Tutorial, Simple Photo Manipulation, On the City
Surreal Tutorial, Simple Photo Manipulation, On the City
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