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October 13, 2015
Surrealism & Music Combine in

Surreal self-portraits from younger professional photographers are nothing brand-new. In fact, one could say you can find practically way too many of those available. But which makes it that way more impressive when a photog breaks out of the pack and catches the eye regarding the masses. That is precisely what 18-year-old photographer and college student Laura Williams performed together viral self-portrait series 'Invisible.'

For the woman series "Shake", dog photographer Carli Davidson photographed wondering portraits of dogs trembling down water. Utilize a quick shutter speed and you will capture a myriad of unusual expressions on your own dog's face.

Here is a fast and easy tutorial that'll educate you on a very good approach to transferring a photo print (black-and-white or color) onto a block of lumber.

"Men-ups!" is a funny project by photographer Rion Sabean featuring men doing pin-up-style positions. It is interesting how much much more ridiculous some positions immediately look when they're being done by males.

Russian professional photographer Andrew Osokin is a master of wintertime macro photography. His image collection is chock-full of gorgeous super-close-up photographs of insects, blossoms, snowfall, and frost. Among his many impressive shots tend to be photographs of individual snowflakes that have dropped upon the floor and are undergoing melting away. The shots are step-by-step therefore perfectly framed you may possibly think all of them to be computer-generated fabrications.

Caleb Charland is a Maine-based professional photographer which combines a passion for clinical experiments and pictures into wonderful and amazing pictures. If Isaac Newton or Benjamin Franklin were into photography, their particular pictures might look something similar to these: “Wooden Box …

Earlier these days my buddy and fellow professional photographer posted a hyperlink to a craigslist ad from a female in Seattle in search of a marriage photographer. The woman ended up being upset because she thought that $3, 000 for a wedding photographer was “wack” because all we do “is hang out at a wedding using a lot of pictures and modifying all of them” and therefore we are “making so much cash its crazy.” We first look at this post previous these days while I happened to be running errands and my mind virtually exploded. We straight away started drafting a horribly mean and punishing response in my own head, but by the time i got to my home, We realized this is most likely a standard myth hence possibly i ought to make an effort to explain why photographers charge everything we do for the work.

international SurrealisM NoW casa da cultura Setúbal
international SurrealisM NoW casa da cultura Setúbal
International surrealism now Casa Roque Gameiro
International surrealism now Casa Roque Gameiro
Surrealism Now em Coimbra, entrevista a Santiago Ribeiro
Surrealism Now em Coimbra, entrevista a Santiago Ribeiro
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