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August 3, 2014
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Butterfly Result, 2014

Photographs thanks to musician

About four years ago, we asked issue, "Is tablet fingerpainting a form of art?" Now, in 2014, the responses to this concern is available throughout an exciting marketplace of interactive web sites, painting applications, and fresh art-viewing technologies. Today, The Creators Project debuts Butterfly result (above), an exclusive painting by electronic musician and Universidad de Zaragoza PhD applicant Jaime Sanjuan. Together with Dali-esque finger-painted tablet artworks, Sanjuan exemplifies the leaps and bounds which were built in the tablet-based artform.

In the last 12 months, Sanjuan has actually coated portraits, surroundings, but still lifes that warp, piece, and melt each and every day items until they adopt brand new definitions. Their works, which often take-up to 100 hours to generate, communicate his passionate values about the Universe. "Nothing is permanently, " Sanjuan informed The Creators Project, in a job interview. "The reality even as we know it now stops to occur every second." The theory is very within paintings like Spheniscus Magellanicus, their depiction of a pleased-looking penguin which is melting to the sky.

Spheniscus Magellanicus, 2014

Aside from bursting animals, Sanjuan also captures moments ripe using the supernatural. Paintings like Cutbacks, which portrays cleanly cut beverages, Natura, which captures an animal kind caught in an enormous cloud of fog, and Memories, a picture of a guy's mind virtually opening up (Sanjian's just stylus-aided picture) all fall under this conspicuous group.

Whenever Sanjuan starts messing with physics and warping your body, their work assumes on a distinctively sci-fi tone. In line with non-tablet pictures like those of Simon Stalenhag and Michael Kerbow, exploding items, crazy animal hybrids, and flying people all populate the unsure globes the painter creates in each brand-new work.

The Creators Project talked to Sanjuan on how he produces their worlds, the distinctions between producing and talking about digital art when you look at the modern age, and exactly why he nevertheless paints with his fingers:


The Creators Project: to begin with, why utilize a tablet for the illustrations? And exactly why paint along with your hands, without a stylus?

Jaime Sanjuan: once I finished my researches in fine arts, therefore started the worldwide overall economy! I had no job together with not enough cash to lease a studio. Therefore, I stopped painting for four many years, until this past year, when I was handed an iPad which changed my life! With this tool i actually do not require a studio, and there is you should not purchase any materials for generating my paintings.

i've always coated with my fingers. Once I painted with natural oils, we used my hands to mix the colors. The gradients you'll achieve together with your hands are unsurpassed. I adore pastels, too—in this method you have to make use of your hands a whole lot. Many natural thing for me personally ended up being painting with my fingers back at my iPad.


How will you create these types of detail inside pictures? Take me through your pc software choices and operations.

To date, i have always painted with Procreate, but I'm attempting other interesting programs. Usually, I paint my paintings making use of a brush measurements of 2-4 pixels... and plenty of zoom! When I paint my paintings, we rarely understand finished work. I only look at fragment i am painting.

It really is just like you are painting a sizable mural; you need to go far to look at entire work. It really is a very sluggish procedure (that occasionally takes 100 hours), but the answers are worth it.

The body of work includes portraits, surroundings, nonetheless lifes, and much more. Where would you ensure you get your inspiration?

My paintings are full of objects from my personal residence! I believe an artist has to capture the truth around him. Naturally, when I would not have the items I need, we make an online search.

In which perform some even more abstract elements, such as the halved spectacles and melting penguins, come from?

Most of the surreal elements of my paintings come straight from my head... you think I have to be concerned about it? [laughs]

Abyss, 2014

So how exactly does your ongoing PhD study influence your development as an artist?

By studying the relationship between art and brand new technologies, I have heard of work of many electronic designers and its particular evolution with time. By way of this evaluation, i've acquired a great artistic tradition which has had encouraged my work.

Needless to say, I've also noticed that digital art will play a critical part later on. Do you realy recall the tremendous impact of photography? A couple of years ago there was no portrait digital photography now...

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