Surrealism collage

February 1, 2017
Surrealism Collage by

Kurt Schwitters, Untitled, 1937-8From its origins in European Dadaism in the early many years of the twentieth-century, shadowing modernism and tracing its method through photography, collage is a medium as diverse as it is politically charged. Rising as a reaction into First World War, collage permitted music artists to interact with present products – such a thing from newsprint and mags to maps, passes and propaganda and photographs – to rip them apart then reassemble all of them, producing visually dynamic hybrids.

Created by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso, the expression ‘collage’ points towards a method at the same time serious and tongue-in-cheek; a method which deeply referential of governmental world in which the works were created. Via the assemblage of different objects and photos, collage interrogates the fundamental notion of just what its to produce art, whilst supplying a prismatic expression for the personal change and upheaval for the twentieth-century. Through the originators and pioneers associated with type to more contemporary practitioners, AnOther presents its top collage performers.

Raoul Hausmann, Merz, Picture as Rainbow, 19391. Hannah Hch
Höch’s most famous work, effortlessly called ‘Cut with the Dada Kitchen Knife through final Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany’, shows her beliefs and approaches to synthesis. A collage of newspaper clippings, the work challenges the racist and sexist codes upholding Weimar Germany. Throughout the woman job, Höch would challenge the marginalised place of ladies in twentieth-century Germany. She received together fashion periodicals, illustrated journals and photography to pioneer a questionnaire bent on demonstrating that art itself could be gathered from the every day clutter of modern life.

Kurt Schwitters, Untitled (With an earlier Portrait of Kurt Schwitters), 1937-8

Man Ray, Dora Maar 1936 Eileen Agar, Precious Stones, 1936 Joseph Cornell, The Hotel Eden, 1945 Nancy Spero, Notes with time, 1979

SURREALISM in black and white - PHOTOCOLLAGE
SURREALISM in black and white - PHOTOCOLLAGE
Marvelous Objects: Surrealist Collage Time Lapse
Marvelous Objects: Surrealist Collage Time Lapse
DIY Cat & Selfie Collage - Surrealism Project
DIY Cat & Selfie Collage - Surrealism Project
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